Unicorn Warrior

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Save 10,000+ hours of research.

Marketing Strategies On steroids to level up your creativity and skyrocket sales!


1. Brainiac - 150 Cognitive Biases, Principles & Models 

Be ahead of the game. Learn the science-backed principles that will help you double your conversion within days. Stop wasting your money on the things that don't work. Start earning what you truly deserve. 

  • Every single principle presented as a sketch 
  • Easy to remember, fun to learn. 
  • Available as well as an Online Flashcards game

450+ already proven applications and methods 

With over 450 ready-to-implement strategies you will be equipped for the action better than the batman during the The Dark Knight Rises uprising. 

2. Archive with over 150+ Viral Marketing Case Studies 

Stop wasting years of your life trying to figure out everything on your own, and learn from the wittiest marketing campaigns in the world that made over $888M within weeks. 

Marketing strategies On steroids to level-up your creativity and skyrocket sales

3. Archive With 50+ "First 1000 Customers and Beyond" Case Studies

The first 1000 customers tend to be the hardest and most crucial to get. Let me show you over 50 case studies that explain the step-by-step process companies attained that goal.

4. Viral marketing Strategies & Frameworks used by the most dynamic companies in the world

After collecting over 150 viral marketing case studies (the biggest library of such case studies in the world) and 150 marketing psychology principles, the pattern started to emerge.

We've spent months trying to connect the dots and distill repeatable viral marketing frameworks for every business to implement.

Over 50% of frameworks in our library are our own invention. Which simply means, you can't find it anywhere else.

5. Social Media Marketing News 

Be up to date with all the latest trends from the marketing world. Use this knowledge to your advantage and beat up social media algorithms.

Challenge the complete laziness that is marketing today - Seth Godin



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Unicorn Warrior

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